Whatever it takes…Just “Push Send”

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“Push Send,” a simple phrase that I blurted out to a friend while discussing an incomplete task at work lingering in his pending folder. He was holding on to, as we tend to hold on to anything that frightens or challenges us and our preconceived notions in any way.
Are you doing this?
Is there a letter to be composed, a question that needs to be asked or an application to fill out?  These don’t all require a ‘send’ button but they do require you to take action.
Just Push Send…This is an action statement, your battle cry!
Is this great advice? Perhaps, but I definitely feel there comes many moments and seasons in our lives, when you just have to DO the proverbial IT!
The trepidation, the fear, the questions you can’t answer have to be put aside and you have to let it go.
I find a lot of the unfinished business of our lives revolve around our inability to make a move or make the decision to move.
Life is moving, the business is happening and you are sitting here looking at that ‘IT’ over and over again. Reviewing your resume over and over again, second guessing your qualifications for whatever that next great project, idea, movement is..
And I’m and saying today: Just Push Send.
It’s a metaphor for success, because success begins by starting.
Push send and begin the chain of events that will start then next great thing you are destined to do.

Green Light

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Has God Given You The Green Light?

Are you still waiting for permission to succeed?

Have you done everything you can do each day up until this very moment to become the person you were made to be? I know it’s a writing faux pas to begin with questions. But the questions are what drive us. No one has the answer for your journey except the one that made you. The one that made you has a plan and design.

I believe the one that made us has given the green light, but we choose not to see it or we are chasing our human dreams instead of what we were called to dtraffic-lights-1013506_960_720o.

Today I offer a short and simple question: Has God given you the Green Light and What do you plan to do about it?

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Got Goals!

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When is the last time you created a list of goals? When was the last time you looked at this list?

If you don’t remember or can’t honestly answer those questions, then it’s time to reboot your GOALS list or create one! Goal Setting is an important component of the self-regulation required for achievement and motivation necessary to complete your goals. These goals are behaviors or outcomes that you have decided are necessary for your success. With that in mind, it’s very important to keep a list of actions or anticipated actions that you can prioritize for your success.

Goals are an important way for us to look forward, and there are many methods and models to track them.
Remember: ~ A goal without action is a dream, and goals without set outcomes are activities.~

We tend to store these things in our mind. The problem? – There is no accountability! When you write down your goals, the desire to aspire toward them becomes real. Writing things down will often propel you to act on them.

Some people utilize various methods of goal tending and catching, i.e. vision boards, planners, lists, affinity groups, etc. Goals can be SMART, absolute /normative or long-term and short-term. The above depends on your desired outcomes. Commit to your success today by planning it out. We plan for so much in life: college, weddings, purchasing a car or home and career change. We should consider the same level of planning for success.

Right now is the time to create your goals list. Today is the perfect day to enact them.
Remember you are the only person standing in the way of your success.

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What kind of DIFFERENCE do you want to make?

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what is the prize

We have that special something we are supposed to do in this life.

You don’t believe me?

yoU are uniquely made to do that perfect thing only yoU can do.

So am I.

So is your over-achieving sister or brother, or that really beautiful cousin that everyone seems to like.

Regardless of whatever talents you covet that other people possess. There is something that yoU were made to do.

When you figure it out, ask yourself this question: Do I want to be good or Great or THE BEST IN THE WORLD?

Star living your Legacy today! No one else can do it for you.

-Sontaia P.  Briggs

Do you accept this challenge?

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Be different, be bold.

Go against your carnal character.


Look at someone who is gossiping and say something nice. The words from your lips are the fruit of God and seeds of prosperity. Spread something good.


Share your Belief and Faith with someone. Tell them your testimony.

If they don’t listen, all is well. Remember to smile. People listen to what they see.

Encourage someone to chase their dreams.


Be better than you were yesterday.

Make the hard choice sitting in your inbox. The future is waiting for you.

Be a blessing to someone every day. Don’t cling to your ‘I’. Be a servant-leader.

Ask God: What do you want from me? Then DO IT.


Chase that dream in your heart.


Be responsible.

Be accountable.

Be present.

Someone needs you.


Define your life by excellent character, not a collection of things that fill forgotten rooms.

Define yourself by this question: What have I done today for the world, my community, family, friends and my fellow human?


Be the testimony that will help someone change their life.

I DARE yoU _____________

Emotional Intelligence..get it!

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Emotional Intelligence is more than just “feel good.” Understanding your own emotions, needs and the ability to empathize with others is key to success. We live in a highly social society where relationships literally can make or break careers and opportunities. Read the the article in LIFEHACK.com to learn more. Click here!

For me Self-management is key! What’s your key to social and emotional success?


What’s your Vision

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What Vision Do You Have For Your Life?


Why Having Vision matters more than a list of goals and staying on Path. CLICK HERE