The Barrier is in your Mind

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I was reading this morning, “Your Best Life Now”, by Joel Osteen and came across this sentence – the barrier is in your mind.

We hold all the keys. Have you ever heard the expression “if you believe” –  you could change your life today, right now. If we believe, we could change the life of our family today, right now. If a race of people believed they could do the same, if the world and so on.

That’s what Mr. Osteen was touching on, that is what life, God or the spiritual deity named________ has in store for you.

But all barriers are in your mind. You must first escape the prison of your limited thinking. You must escape all prisons: negative thinking, people, and environments.

I’m a big believer in the cancer people call a ‘job’. I hear this expression so many times everyday – “at least you have a job, at least we have a job”.

That is cancer taking root in your heart, mind, and ability. That is a silent resignation that, “I can do no better”. I don’t care what you say, it is.

Any sentence that begins with at least..for me is a sign of resignation. I don’t resign, and I want to have more than an “at least life”.

Don’t you.

These are barriers. These are in your mind. You are in control what’s in your mind.

yoU are in control.

Aspire for more than an “at least life”, be brave and choose to believe.


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