Good Stuff: New Student Experience

New studentBeginning a university career can be both exciting and daunting. It is very often the first time young guys and girls are stepping out on their own. Finding yourself in a new place and meeting new people, it can sometimes feel like you are beginning a whole new life far from family and old friends.

One great way to deal with the feeling of being alone in a very big world is to understand that there are many other students feeling just like you. They too are beginning on a new journey through university, study and living.

It can be a little tricky to settle in at first, especially if you find you are room sharing with a complete stranger, having to share some of your most intimate moments (while you sleep, relax and just be yourself).

Trying to navigate your way around a new campus is always something students worry about. If you are lucky you may have had a chance to visit and get acquainted with your university before the start of the semester. If however you weren’t this lucky, you will find it easy to meet up with other new students, this way you can muddle through together at first before you find your feet.

Here are a few tips on getting settled;

  • Take it all in your stride – simply meaning, don’t rush into everything around you, take your time and enjoy each new experience.
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO – if someone offers you drugs, alcohol or sex and you don’t feel safe or up for it then say no. Don’t be ashamed for saying no, it’s your life and your body!
  • If  you house share and someone is over stepping your personal boundaries, i.e. taking your milk, eating your groceries or using your toiletries then say something. Don’t let it stew for weeks, they may not realize it bugs you and you will only build resentment towards them. You don’t need to be rude just be tactful.
  •  Be organized – being organized from the start will give you a starting chance. You will know where you need to be and what books you will need. It also sets a good trend for the rest of your life.
  • Join in with some of the social events – there will be many groups offering all sorts of events throughout the year, don’t be afraid to join some of them if they take your fancy, you may meet some really great friends.

Take University one step at a time, unwind and relax when you need to and remember, you are not alone in starting out as a new student, just be yourself and enjoy every moment as a new experience.

Team yoU

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