GOOD STUFF: Decision Day, Fear, Mistakes – EMBRACE


Today is National Decision Day for high school graduating seniors across the country.

This day will bring relief to some and intense stress for others. By now most have decided where they are going while others will be a participant to nail-biting up until the last-minute.  Some PEOPLE will state: “This is the Biggest Decision of your young adult life“, I disagree.

Life is essentially comprised of two directions: Choice and Choice Aversion.

CHOICE PEOPLE – Decide, take actions that guide their futures and will probably be fine. But you will make mistakes and you will fail. Now, slow down because I know the previous was a bit jolting. One thing I have learned from my years of undergrad and grad school;  mistakes and failures are going to happen and they have to happen if you are ever going to learn anything.

Mistakes are the birth place of innovation and the incubator of change.

Personally speaking when I decided to look at these inevitable’s as teachable moments, my life became surprisingly better.

The second direction, I mentioned earlier: CHOICE AVERSION PEOPLE has been my most accomplished of failure. Meaning, I’ve been really successful at not making decisions and just letting stuff happen. I hate making decisions. For example, I don’t drive because I don’t like making decisions. I don’t even like to “ride shotgun” in a car, because you are responsible for helping the driver.

Choice aversion, has been one of my greatest mistake’s. I’ve found myself in situations and missed many opportunities because I didn’t want to decide. My emphatic statement for you today: Make decisions, Make mistakes, Fail, and then you succeed.

Embrace your College Decision Day 2014, Embrace all choices. After all choices are opportunities!

Besides Miles Davis was famous for saying: “Do not fear mistakes – there are none”

..And if that advice doesn’t fit for you, check out what U.S. News has to say:

10 Tips to Make Your Final College Choice

Sontaia @Team yoU!


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