Random Acts of Kindness!

Here is an example of what the world could be and how truly Great that feels!

Team yoU!



Ignite the Light

This week, I read an article about a school in America that teaches its kids the importance of kindness. I was blown away by this discovery and found myself wishing that more schools taught kids how to be good citizens! One of their exercises involved going to the library to hide inspirational post-it notes in the books, which I thought was absolutely brilliant.

After reading about this, I was compelled to look up random acts of kindness on Google. Straight away, I found a website that listed tonnes of ideas for how to be kind: http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas

The random acts of kindness thing really spoke to me, so I have decided to implement it in my life. It doesn’t cost much to say hi to stranger or buy a coffee for a homeless guy, but you can really make a difference to someone’s day if you do things like this! And…

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