GOOD STUFF: Each ‘new’ day is a chance for you to win!

That title definitely sounds like an after-school special program. It’s meant to inspire, provide hope and have a message for all. It’s also, the truth. I really mean it, I truly believe everyday alive is a gift. It’s more than a gift actually, i.e. gifts usually have a known value when received. But your life, waking up each morning with another opportunity presents an infinite number of possibilities and outcomes. You could literally do, create or change anything. You could right a wrong, or try. You could do something terrible, hopefully not.

The point is life is possible, happiness is possible, success is possible. yoU are possibilities.

Don’t waste a day thinking about losses, contemplating what you don’t have, pondering days lost and what you haven’t done.


I believe TODAY is your day!

Sontaia Pk Briggs




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