Good Stuff: Transfer Student Blues, Rejection letters – IT will be ok


Many students are facing the tough decision of attending a school that is not necessarily their first choice. Anxiety is mounting as you see yourself trying to make a home in a university or college that was your safety or your ‘parents’ decision.

You will need Perspective, to navigate this experience. I will mention this word over and over again. It’s a fundamental ‘game changer’ for adversity the ‘food’ of perseverance.

I like to tell students: Being rejected or wait-listed to the school you want is not a No, it’s a “not now”. This happens to students every year and all the time. What this -in between time- offers you while you obtain the credits and transfer requirement, is the opportunity to evaluate what you really want and why?

You get to decide is this ‘dream’ school really for me, and what exactly are you willing to do for your dreams?

Will you become discouraged by the rejection letter and give up?

Are the transfer requirements to hard, and you’re not willing to work?

Will you take it personal and sulk, never again applying to the school of your dreams (speaking personally I was a victim of the last).

Stop living in the moment of when you received that rejection letter from the school of your choice. Focus on what’s ahead of you, and how you will obtain your goal of ” DREAM SCHOOL ACCEPTANCE”.

Never accept NO, for the answer when your heart says YES.

Sontaia P. Briggs – Team yoU!

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