Good Stuff: Success-Paralysis – You Can Let Go Now


Are you feeling gripped by the question: Can I be different and better?

Will I fall pray to the self-fulfilling prophecy of my own doubt?

Is there a really bad record of memories playing in your mind of the past?

Let it go.

Lay every mistake or missed opportunity to rest, right now.

Forgive everything you didn’t do right, and release to the moment right now.

Stop that memorial of past mistakes your attending every day in your mind. Change your relationship with disappointment. It happened, it ended. You get the chance to start again. Stop spending your time and life going over that moment it all fell apart or you knew it was going to fall apart. While doing this you are letting all the new moments to create, build and conquer pass you by.

The beauty is at any point you can capture success.


Don’t just forget about the last year, the last year(s) or  even last week; forget everything up to the minute you are done reading this post.

It’s the past.

The moment has come, gone, and the mistakes, bad fortune, ideas, decisions, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, spouse are gone. Bury the memory of the past, as the past is already buried because it done. 

-Sontaia P. Briggs




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