Good Stuff: That’s the Question..



I think this a question we wrestle with our entire lives.

To be or not to be..

a student

a scholar

a parent

a good friend

a runner

a success

a failure

I’m sure you can keep that list going.

The truth of this statement also provides the answer, i.e. ‘To become’ or ‘not become’ is a choice.

We make these choices daily with incremental acts, bold brilliant leaps or complete inaction within our lives. We create opportunities to become and we destroy them all in the same moment.

I am guilty of this, but I constantly remind myself everyday – I CAN WIN at this life of mine. SO CAN YOU.

To be.

To become.

“YES YOU CAN” (we are all familiar with that one). A popular tagline, because it feeds into our innate desire to succeed or success. Hint: you define what success if for you.

Today is a brand new day. What will you become?

As September is upon us a new season will begin, school will begin, some of us may start new jobs, some will walk away from it all; Dare to ask yourself the question: What will I become?

What will you write on your ‘To be’ list?

Sontaia P. Briggs


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