Good Stuff: I don’t feel like it, but I can, will, must.


I was complaining last week to a friend about school beginning. Yes, this is an education site, but sometimes I don’t feel like going to class either.

I said: ‘I don’t feel like going to class, writing papers, reading’, the list was extensive. That day I wasn’t in the mood for any of it.

She responded: “Jesus didn’t feel like getting on the cross either”.

I immediately thought, ‘that’s an extreme response’. But it worked, caught my attention and allowed me to do a little self-inventory in that moment.

What was I really feeling and why?

For some of you that are religious you immediately understand the implication of that statement. For those of you that don’t subscribe to any brand of religion, hold on this post is still relevant to you!

Excluding the religious background of Jesus for a moment, let’s consider he was a man performing an extraordinary act of self-sacrifice.

Going to work, school, studying, being a parent, friend, sibling are great acts of self-sacrifice. I think we have to take a moment at times and focus on the ‘self’, in the word self-sacrifice. The sacrifice is really for yoU.

We derive something from these relationships and experiences, whether it’s something really direct like a college degree or sorta intangible like reciprocity and love.

We are human, and don’t feel like doing what’s necessary most of the time.

Some people would rather be on a beach than sitting at a desk.

Some would rather be on couch watching TV than sitting in a classroom.

It’s all relative. Let’s stop pretending we aren’t human, acknowledge what you don’t want to do, but realize you still have to do it.

Accept that the ultimate sacrifice is always one for self, then do it!


Sontaia P. Briggs

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