The ‘I’m so TIRED’ Affirmation



Do you find most of your sentences go like this?

My day was_______, but I’m so tired.

My weekend was _______, but I’m so tired.

School was _________, but I’m so tired.

Dinner was _________, but I’m so tired.

The ________ is complete, but I’m so tired.

If so you, you are in need of the TIRED AFFIRMATION.

It occurred to me while sitting at my desk eating dinner and feeling…yes tired. I’m tired for a reason, many reasons and all good.

Then I decided to change my sentences around in my mind because our thoughts and feelings chase the words in my mind. If you are going to recite something, it might as well be affirmative.

So I started the ‘I’M TIRED’ Affirmation, and it goes like this:

I’m so tired, because I’ve been working hard on my dreams the last six months.

I’m so tired because I’m an entrepreneur and working for you is exhilarating.

I’m so tired because being exhilarated by work is exhausting.

I’m so tired because I work, and when you have (NO) job, that fatigue is depression.

I’m so tired because my brain is high functioning and constantly coming up with ideas to change the world, and the opposite of that is being brain dead.

I’m so tired because I have an awesome mother and on my one day off I spend it with her talking over coffee and lunch.

I’m so tired because I have great friends, and I’m willing to get up in the middle of the night to be there if they need me.

I’m so tired because I was up all night creating art, music, poetry or ______ that I love.

I’m so tired because I went to the gym or ran, did yoga, played my guitar all because my body functions properly.

I’m so tired because my life is BIG, BEAUTIFUL and FULL.

If you aren’t satisfied with your life after you finish reading this DO SOMETHING ABOUT. You have another chance.

So that wasn’t so hard, and you can fill in your blanks. The most important thing to remember about being tired; It’s a blessing, and you are ALIVE.

Still Tired? The opposite is death, i.e., spiritual and the worse physical.

That’s it!

~Sontaia P.k. Briggs
Chief Thinker



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