A ‘do-over’ for yoU..

brick wall exploding





DAY 7 into the New Year, how are you feeling?

I’ve heard a lot of the following statements so far:

‘Let me go to the gym and start the New Year right’

‘Let me drink more water, it is a New Year’

‘I forgot to do ________ today, I don’t want this to be a repeat of last year’

‘Oh god, another year (exasperation implied)’

The last is the most frightening to me.

Yes! It’s a NEW YEAR—It’s a good thing to be alive, regardless of the challenges in your moment. It’s a moment.

A moment is the length of a baby’s’ yawn or a mile length field depending on your attitude.

A question: Why is New Year’s Day the only time we allow ourselves a ‘do-over’?

There are 365 days in a year, and we give ourselves one reboot?

We should change that. In the spirit of our daily evolution of self, mind and spirit! In the spirit of the idea that we grow and learn every day. Every day is a fresh start, each new day is a New Year. I challenge you to look at your daily life differently, as if each day is a personal revolution and today is ‘your’ day.

Shift your perspective.

Imagine every day is January 1, minus the hangover, regret sex and walk of shame. Forget about disappointments of yesterday.

TRY today. DO Something TODAY.

Sontaia P.k. Briggs


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