Got Goals!


When is the last time you created a list of goals? When was the last time you looked at this list?

If you don’t remember or can’t honestly answer those questions, then it’s time to reboot your GOALS list or create one! Goal Setting is an important component of the self-regulation required for achievement and motivation necessary to complete your goals. These goals are behaviors or outcomes that you have decided are necessary for your success. With that in mind, it’s very important to keep a list of actions or anticipated actions that you can prioritize for your success.

Goals are an important way for us to look forward, and there are many methods and models to track them.
Remember: ~ A goal without action is a dream, and goals without set outcomes are activities.~

We tend to store these things in our mind. The problem? – There is no accountability! When you write down your goals, the desire to aspire toward them becomes real. Writing things down will often propel you to act on them.

Some people utilize various methods of goal tending and catching, i.e. vision boards, planners, lists, affinity groups, etc. Goals can be SMART, absolute /normative or long-term and short-term. The above depends on your desired outcomes. Commit to your success today by planning it out. We plan for so much in life: college, weddings, purchasing a car or home and career change. We should consider the same level of planning for success.

Right now is the time to create your goals list. Today is the perfect day to enact them.
Remember you are the only person standing in the way of your success.

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