Whatever it takes…Just “Push Send”

Photo by Jon Tyson. Courtesy of Unsplash
“Push Send,” a simple phrase that I blurted out to a friend while discussing an incomplete task at work lingering in his pending folder. He was holding on to, as we tend to hold on to anything that frightens or challenges us and our preconceived notions in any way.
Are you doing this?
Is there a letter to be composed, a question that needs to be asked or an application to fill out?  These don’t all require a ‘send’ button but they do require you to take action.
Just Push Send…This is an action statement, your battle cry!
Is this great advice? Perhaps, but I definitely feel there comes many moments and seasons in our lives, when you just have to DO the proverbial IT!
The trepidation, the fear, the questions you can’t answer have to be put aside and you have to let it go.
I find a lot of the unfinished business of our lives revolve around our inability to make a move or make the decision to move.
Life is moving, the business is happening and you are sitting here looking at that ‘IT’ over and over again. Reviewing your resume over and over again, second guessing your qualifications for whatever that next great project, idea, movement is..
And I’m and saying today: Just Push Send.
It’s a metaphor for success, because success begins by starting.
Push send and begin the chain of events that will start then next great thing you are destined to do.
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