Do your dreams scare you?

instagram big dreamsDo your dreams scare you?

Mine do, but I continue to dream them anyway. I don’t think I have a choice. I have to listen to the whispers God places on my heart.

I used to spend a lot of time wishing I was ordinary, afraid of what it required to be extraordinary.  That is a waste of time.

The ordinary was familiar and safe to me, but with the same consistent results: predictable, boring and unstimulating because you have already done it.

You have mastered the predictable part of your life. You know this life, the one ‘they’ talked about. The one the with built in safety features (that expensive degree, …and the second degree, internship, reliable job) your counselor, friends and maybe even your mother told you to chase that paper.

Guess what? You are living a narrative that you didn’t create.

STOP. It’s that easy.

Take a chance on yourself, don’t be safe. I mean BE safe, like don’t drink and drive, but not to the point that you don’t even bother to challenge yourself. Don’t be safe to the point where you have no idea what your capabilities are anymore.

Stop living and daydreaming of past glory and ‘wins’ – The past is behind you.

Go get some, new ones.

If something scares you, it’s because you’re excited and you probably CAN do it or learn IT.

It does require work. You know how to do that, you’re doing that anyway at that place you got to everyday (the job/gig) and spend eight hours making other people’s dreams come true. Don’t do that.

Why not spend that time on someone who is worth it, yoU!



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