For every defeat…


The sentence goes:

“For every defeat there are two victories in your favor.”

According to a book, I’m currently reading: Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho.

I don’t know how accurate the above equation is but, I will say that I agree. Every challenge births a lesson. Every failure provides a win. The difference between those that believe and those that do not is perspective.

Perspective is the leap between action-orientated optimism and sulking over a loss. If you fail at a task or project, what are your next moves? Sitting around reliving the failure in your mind will not change a thing. It’s done. That’s good.

The minute the failure or loss is realized, accept it, take a breath, now act. Of course the sting maybe there, but there is no better remedy for pain than progress.

Progress is movement.

If you have had some losses, now is the time to get your wins.

That’s it. Do it!



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