For the enrolled the college student, the journey is just beginning. You’ve earned credits or are in the process. Navigating a college/university campus services and support systems can be confusing or overwhelming. No, need to feel like one out of many.

If you need continuous support drop us a line.

You have a coach for sports, consider us your coach for college life.


Been on campus a few weeks or the semester is ending and still not quite sure you fit in or what you’re doing there in the first place?

That’s fine.

Did you know this feeling is normal?

First there are a number of on-campus resources to support your transition into this new environment. Don’t be afraid to utilize them.

Your academic advisor is a great resource for academic support and guidance to support services.

For the social aspect the Center for Student Life or Involvement or the Office of the Dean of Students.

If you having concerns that you rather discuss privately one-to-one there is usually a Center for Student Wellness/Health. Here is where you can access free counseling. Remember there is never any shame in taking care of yourself.

After you’ve exhausted those resources and you still want to chat, please contact us.



Have you decided your current College or University isn’t for you?

Don’t worry schedule a consultation today and we will discuss the best plan options for you. Includes exploring new schools, reason for leaving, transferability of credits consultation, assistance with your application process.




For a FREE 25 minute Consultation



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