High School Students


School on your mind?

Are you a high school JUNIOR OR SENIOR?

If you are a high school senior applying to college and need assistance we can help you. Our team of College Counseling professionals are here to assist you. Drop us a line for a FREE 25 minute consultation, let’s figure out what you need! If you require more detailed college planning services. We create individualized packages specifically tailored to your needs. Payment plans available and scholarships (must prove need).

Hourly 1:1 rates available and Group rates: Contact us for Quote today!

Some of the areas/topics include:

  • Creating a college list
  • Navigating the Common App
  • Navigating the Financial Aid Application
  • Writing a strong essay or personal statement
  • Essay or Personal Statement critique
  • Intended Major exploration
  • Career exploration
  • Choosing the right school(s) for you
  • How to apply
  • Managing Deadlines
  • Financial Aid resource education
  • Scholarship resource education
  • Utilizing your current volunteer opportunities to advance your profile
  • The importance of College Visits


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