logo_white_background1What I Believe –  I started yoUniversity with a very simple idea: If you live your life expressing the love of Christ by meeting people where they are this will reverberate and spread to others.

yoUniversity is part educational information focused on supporting and enhancing the student experience, part philosophical movement: It’s about you, me and what we want to leave behind in this world i.e. your legacy.

What do you stand for? What do you believe in?

Will you work, die and leave a legacy of working and dying?

Or will you be bold, impractical, different and go against what ‘they say.’

Will you say: I want to be a participant of the LIVING. I want to change the world. I said that. I believe if we all lived our lives with some fundamental idea that we could change the world, the world would be changed. I believe in education because it makes you a better person. I don’t believe you should work to make other people’s dreams come true. I think you should find, develop, and discover your own dreams then work really hard, share those dreams and breathe life into them. Finally, I believe if you don’t live your dream, and chose to be a part of the “living” in life, you are already dead.

Ask yourself:  Who will make the world better? We Well by encompassing these five principles –

Sharing knowledge and experience. Taking responsibility to developing those that come after you: Mentoring. The second, we are all interconnected: Global Humanism. The third part: Education makes us better people. Not smarter necessarily, but more thoughtful and civic-minded. The fourth part: The purpose of Education is not to obtain a ‘job’ and do some ‘work’. Education is the pursuit of self-development, broadening your perspective and again will make the world better.

Finally, if we are all educated, and serve as Coach/Advocate life-long mentor we are:  Paying it forward” the results spread outside your city, town and state. This fosters more: Global Humanism.

And the cycle of change becomes self-replicating.  I believe all of the above have the ability to be transformative and will make this world better.

I admit, the above may sound too idealistic, too nice, naive or impractical according to our capitalistic, individualism “worker bee” programming, but here is a question:

What is wrong with idealism?

What’s wrong with being nice?

When we are naive, we are open, you see life as a possibility, not impossible. This would seem more exciting and fulfilling than: Get a job, Do some work, Pay some bills, Repeat.

Welcome to yoUniversity!

Sontaia P. Briggs, Founder


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